Sandwiches and ice cream

On July 6, we awoke to a beautiful sunny day.  We made our way over to Handy Boat’s dock to fill up on diesel, top off the dinghy gas tank, and refill a couple of our water tanks.  We cranked up the motor (not much wind today!) and pointed north toward Brunswick, where we planned to stop off at Paul’s Marina for the night. 

The scenery in Casco Bay is always pretty.  As we got further north and adjusted our angle, we were able to put the jib out.

We arrived at Paul’s Marina in a jiffy, and picked up a mooring named “Flounder.”  We had heard Paul’s had great sandwiches for lunch and excellent ice cream (not to mention good wifi!) so we packed up our appetites and our laptops and headed to shore.  Everyone enjoyed tasty sandwiches and dill pickle chips (highly recommend!) for lunch.  Patrick had a final call with his boss at work, and Cecelia and Melissa worked on emails to friends and posts on the blog.  Then we all celebrated our success with ice cream. 

Back at the boat, Cecelia and her dad worked on her rope cleating skills, and then they went for a swim!

We all had warm showers, decided to switch moorings (Flounder was getting us a little close to our neighboring mooring as the current changed), and enjoyed a quiet sunset. 

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  1. Safe travels! What a wonderful way to see the world! We’re excited for you and look forward to updates!

    1. Thank you so much! Our graphic designer friend Jason Yamauchi helped bring a pencil sketch of mine to life, and then I played with the colors a bit to land on this final version. (If anyone ever needs any work done, let me know and I’ll send you Jason’s info!)

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