Sailing to Long Island (not NY!)

January 10th was the day we chose to leave George Town and Great Exuma to sail out to Long Island, about a 36 mile jaunt.

It was pretty breezy, so we got started with one reef in the main, and then shortly after we got underway, we decided to put the second reef in.

We sailed nicely that way for a few hours. Patrick rigged the fishing lines and managed to catch two barracuda along the way. Those things are relentless. He decided to keep one of them to cut it up for bait. (We usually throw them back…eating them is not recommended due to chances of ciguatera, plus their teeth are like daggers!)

The breeze dropped as we neared Long Island in the early afternoon, so we shook the reefs out to keep things moving.

Once we pulled in and found a good spot to anchor, Patrick got to work on the barracuda.

Sunset in a new place is always fun to see. Thanks to Cecelia for being the photographer on this night.

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