A few more days in George Town

Before Junkanoo, we had moved over to a part of the mooring field closer to shore in the cove, because of some strong winds that would be coming from the south in a day or two. We were hoping for a less bouncy stay in the new location.

The morning of the 7th, Cecelia hung out with her friends on Lucky and at the beach while Patrick and I dinghied to town to drop off laundry and get some groceries.

Back on the boat, we had noticed our forward head was smelling like stinky seawater (our toilets are saltwater flush, and that water can get growth in the lines), so we did a vinegar rinse of the intake to kill whatever was growing in there. The intake is not very conveniently located.

We got it done, but the next morning, it was clear that the vinegar had damaged our joker valve (the valve that keeps the wastewater from coming back into the toilet). Boat jobs always take longer than you think, or create entirely new jobs when you are done with the one you thought you needed to do. So, I pulled a new valve out of our spares drawer and changed it out. It can be a smelly and gross activity, but it had to be done so everything would work properly!

We spent some time rearranging our guest cabin, put all the cold weather bedding into space bags, and moved cushions around, making room for the new portafridge to hang out there, once Patrick could get it wired up. Regina and Levi came by from 3 Lil Birds, and Patrick went with them on a dinghy adventure to Brown’s, the marine store, on a hunt for a new macerator for one of their heads (I tell you, head problems are like the flu around here).

When they came back, Cecelia said she saw Lucky‘s dinghy at the beach and wanted to go meet them. Regina offered to drop her off there. She took a radio with her, and called us on it from the beach: “Oestara, Oestara, Beach Piglet!” The Lucky crew seemed to have gone on a hike and she couldn’t find them, so she went for a walk, waited for a while, and then decided to just come on back. It was fun to hear her voice on the radio, and it’s definitely a good thing for her to learn how to use! πŸ™‚

The morning of the 9th, I made coconut bread french toast and Cecelia and I did school, while Patrick dinghied over to 3 Lil Birds to help diagnose an electrical issue for Regina. That weather we were anticipating had moved in, and he had a hard time getting back to our boat with wind and waves pushing the dinghy onto the lee shore, but he managed to make it eventually. It did make us think twice about going out again before the wind settled down, though!

Later in the day, we dinghied over to Lucky (only a couple of boats away, so we didn’t have to fight the wind and waves too much!) to help with some questions they were having about their battery management and monitoring systems. We chatted and enjoyed a nice sunset before heading back to Oestara for the night.

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