Rocking through Plymouth

Awakening to a day with much more settled weather than the day before, we decided to set out from Marblehead to Plymouth.

There wasn’t much wind (it’s either too much or not enough these days!) so we motored down the coast. A couple of big ships were heading into the Boston harbor area and Cecelia decided to blow her vuvuzela at them.

It was pretty fun to see the Boston skyline in the distance.

We took turns watching out for traffic and lobster pots, and some of us read a book.

We turned after Gurnet Light, and then worked our way up the channel into Plymouth Harbor, past Duxbury Pier Light, also known as Bug Light. (Side note: we used to keep our boat in Portland, Maine near a light in Portland Harbor called Bug Light. Popular name, I guess?)

Upon arrival in Plymouth, we pulled right into the Safe Harbor marina’s fuel dock to top off our fuel and water tanks. We were also pleasantly surprised that the Plymouth Waterfront festival was taking place right along the harbor, so we enjoyed live music while the tanks were being filled, and on our mooring once we tied up.

We got tied up on a mooring from the Plymouth Yacht Club, and hopped into the dinghy to head to shore.

On shore, we of course had to go check out Plymouth Rock, said to be the site of the Pilgrims’ landing in 1620.

We also walked over to see the Mayflower II (in the featured photo for this post), which is a reproduction of the original Mayflower. She sailed from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts in the spring of 1957. If you look closely at the photo, you can see Oestara on the right side off in the distance. Kind of cool!

We stopped for a snack and a drink, then continued around through town as we headed back to the yacht club. On our way, we ran across the old post office, and the first street created in Plymouth.

We met up with our friends the Fernquists at the yacht club, and enjoyed some playground time and a seafood and bbq dinner with them before calling it a night. Pete and Bridget, it was great seeing you and 2/3rds of your kids!

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  1. After all the hype, Plymouth Rock is a bit underwhelming! Thanks for the photo. I’ve always been curious about it. Such fun to follow your adventures.

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