Oven Rock & Little Farmer’s Cay

December 28th brought a calm dawn, and we left Black Point and motored to Oven Rock, farther down Great Guana Cay (photo of Oven Rock itself above!)

We pulled into the anchorage at Oven Rock near 3 Lil Birds, and met up with them on shore to go for a hike.

We hiked up to a cave entrance that opened up into a pretty awesome cavern.

We got cooled off from the heat of the sun for a little bit, then hiked back out and down to the beach on the ocean side. The view from above was a nice one!

We all headed back to our boats for lunch, then dinghied over to Little Farmer’s Cay, where we swam with turtles and fish in the harbor, and walked into town with a local woodworker named JR. He said he’s been carving figures for 56 years!

We had a pot luck dinner on 3 Lil Birds with their crew and another friend, Carl from SV Pelican. While we were having our meal, the wind picked up pretty dramatically! It was a bumpy ride back to our boat, and we rocked and rolled all night as the winds clocked from SE to NW. Time to move on to the next spot…

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