Black Point

After a lovely Christmas at Big Major and Staniel Cay, we left the anchorage at Big Major at 0930 on the 26th and sailed down to Black Point on Great Guana Cay. There was a fair bit of wind, and it was not from a super favorable direction, so we went up on the first reef, threw a couple of tacks in on our way down, and then when we actually needed to turn directly into the wind, we dropped the sails and motored into the harbor.

Once we arrived, we went up to shore, where the laundromat had its own dock! Pretty swanky as far as laundromats go. We bought a few things at the very limited market, and did some laundry. Patrick went out to the boat and worked on a leaky sink drain while Cecelia and I stayed on shore with the laundry.

Once the laundry was done, we went on a hunt for the liquor store (which it turns out was non-existent), had a drink at Black Point Yacht Club, saw the 3 Lil Birds crew for a hot minute at a local restaurant called Lorraine’s, picked up some coconut bread made by Lorraine’s mama, and headed back to boat for dinner and the rest of the evening.

The next morning, 3 Lil Birds went ahead and left Black Point to head to the next destination, but we stayed put for the day. The three of us went for a dinghy adventure to the tip of Black Point, up into the mangroves, and out to the ocean side of the island. The currents were strong, but the view was lovely, and we found some beautiful shells!

We did see a couple of abandoned boats that looked mighty sad.

It was a long ride back and very choppy in the dinghy, but we managed. Cecelia and Patrick went to shore for a water and trash run…very exciting. In the afternoon we all went up to shore to get ice cream at the market and fill our water jugs one more time. (We have two five gallon jerry cans for potable water. There aren’t a lot of places in the Exumas where you can pull the boat up to fill the water tanks directly, so we schlep the jugs back and forth to whatever water access we can locate.)

We stopped at Lorraine’s for drinks and got another loaf of freshly baked coconut bread, because it was so delicious!

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