Motor + Fog

The fog didn’t let up, but after two days in Love Cove, we decided we needed to get a move on. We had hoped to sail to Monhegan Island for a hike and a brewery visit, but the fog was pretty thick, so we made the call to skip it and just have a pretty long day motoring to Rockland. We now had not just one but two heads to fix, and we were also feeling the need to get that taken care of soon.

Not much documentation of this day, given the circumstances. Patrick and I spent the day trading off driving and watching for lobster pots and other boats.

We pulled around Owl’s Head Light (which was tough to see!) and into Rockland around 5 pm. It cleared up a bit, and you could see the fog bank north of the harbor.

Soon you could see a lot more of the surroundings as things cleared. It was a relief!

We decided not to cook on the boat, and took ourselves to Claws for dinner. It was an excellent decision.

Back to the boat for some much needed sleep…and to steel ourselves for the fix-it work for the next couple of days.

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