Let’s go see a blow hole

Not too far out of town in Black Point, there’s a blow hole that shows itself at high tide. A bunch of us (Oestara along with Biscuits, African Dream, Wandertwins, and Alpenglo) decided to head up there on the morning of the 12th when high tide was conveniently happening late morning.

The blow hole is nestled in some pretty awesome limestone boulders and cliffs, as you can see from the photo of Patrick at the top of this post.

The kids climbed all over the place and found lots of sea glass and other fun things in the nooks and crannies.

We walked back to town and grabbed cold drinks together before all going back to our boats.

Later that day, we went over to Wandertwins to hang out with Ben and Nruti. We enjoyed some tasty snacks and fun games, including Mexican Train dominoes!

The next morning I got one last load of laundry in, and Cecelia and Patrick picked me up to head back to the boat.

We pulled up the anchor and headed down to Oven Rock, positioning ourselves for a very early departure the next morning to try again to head south to George Town.

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  1. Just popped into my head-what do yo do with trash? Is there a place to take it when you go to different places? Love the blow hole.

    1. Hi Aunt Pam! Most of the places we’ve stopped at have a designated place to take your trash. Some charge for it and some don’t. In George Town, there is an enterprising local taxi driver who parks a small truck near the dinghy dock. You throw your trash bags in the back, and you drop $4 per bag through his cracked open driver’s side window. That’s the only option here, and we are grateful for it! In other places there might be a dumpster near a government dock or government building that is meant for cruisers to use. We try in general to keep the trash to a minimum, for sure.

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