Back to Black Point!

Our anchorage at Galliot might have been pretty, but after dark, the waves got super slamm-y on our stern, and we drifted around like crazy on the anchor due to current and wind changes. Check out our track on the anchor alarm:

It was not the most fun, and we didn’t sleep very well. Sometimes checking out a new anchorage just doesn’t work out for the best! We also got up early in the morning to head out Galliot Cut to Exuma Sound and down to George Town.

At about 7:45 we were heading out the cut, then turned south once we’d cleared it….and realized the wind was a whole lot more southerly than had been forecasted for the day (we thought it would have much more east in it), which meant we would be unable to make progress directly to our destination. It would be something like a 40 mile sail if we were actually able to follow our planned route, and having to beat into the wind in order to make progress would add a fair bit of time to our journey. We looked again at the wind forecast, assessed the sea state, and tried a few things with sail trim, then determined we would abort the mission and turn back via the cut we had just come through. George Town would have to wait until another day!

Once we were back through the cut, we pointed ourselves north toward Black Point. It would be a nice downwind sail, and much shorter than the trip to George Town.

We anchored pretty close to the spot we were in a few days before, and went to shore for lunch. Before lunch, Patrick stopped for an open air haircut. πŸ™‚

Back on the boat, we encouraged our friends Nruti and Ben to come back to Black Point for the next day’s Super Bowl party, and enjoyed yet another pretty sunset. We have seen some great ones over the last few months!

The next day was a rather quiet Sunday, and we eventually headed to shore for the Super Bowl party at Lorraine’s, where our group of friends took over half of her restaurant. She fed us all delicious barbeque, fried fish, and a bunch of sides and fixings. Our crew of parents and kids all had a blast!

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