Jumping into 2024

During the first week of 2024, we enjoyed lots of exploring in the George Town area. We stayed on the same mooring and spent our days dinghying around to different boats and beaches throughout the week (after school was done each day, of course!) Cecelia enjoyed hanging out with the other kids in the harbor and we went on some adventures with them, too.

Patrick went up the rig on New Year’s morning so he could retrieve our NYYC burgee, which was fraying from having been caught between its halyard and an antenna. Later in the week, he took it over to our friend Ben on Ragged Dragon and they stitched it all up on Ben’s SailRite sewing machine.

Later that day, we went to a neighboring island, Crab Cay, to check out a spot for cliff jumping. You could jump from various spots (and heights!) into a canal that had been dug out for a planned resort, which had never been finished. Patrick and Cecelia both jumped in; I took care of the photos. πŸ™‚

During the middle of the week, Patrick helped our neighbor Rick on Nova Vita with learning how to splice his halyard, so that was a fun little project. We also had our front-loader fridge die unexpectedly, so wespent some time trying to figure out how to get that fixed, and ran into some dead ends on that front. We were just about to order a portable external fridge and have it shipped in (challenging, expensive, and can take a long time), when 3 Lil Birds offered for us to take their portable fridge/freezer off their hands instead. They had used enough of their frozen goods during the last few months that they didn’t really need it any longer. What a lifesaver! Patrick would need to come up with a way to wire it into our panel, and we needed to find a good place to put it, but we were so grateful for such a quick and easy solution. (Usually, as you have seen, nothing on boats is ever quick and easy.)

On January 3rd, we made it to Chat & Chill in the sunshine, where Cecelia played games with the other kids on the beach, and we met up for a few drinks with the adults. Cecelia and Mona also cooked up a plan to make and trade jewelry on the beach later in the week.

On Thursday the 4th, rainstorms rolled in, but we managed to duck them and enjoy dinner on the beach with friends.

On Friday the 5th, the girls launched their jewelry business on the beach at Chat & Chill, and after a couple of hours, they closed down having made $38 and a very cool shell that someone traded with them! What good little salespeople they were; we were very proud of their efforts.

All in all, a pretty fun week!

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