Hanging out in Rock Sound

We definitely try to explore and capture the beauty of each location we stop to see. But on some days, we just need to do laundry, get groceries, and take care of regular chores like school, or cleaning. We had a couple of days like that in Rock Sound, in anticipation of some weather that would be passing through.

On the 18th, Patrick picked up some local greens and stone crab claws at the dinghy dock from a local lady who takes orders from cruisers each week.

We tried to do some laundry that morning, too, but when we got to the local laundromat, the line was too long. We hauled our bags back to the dinghy and decided to try again the next day.

We went on a bit of a wild goose chase after that, trying to find a place to rent a car. We finally succeeded at the local stationery store, run by a really nice guy named Cloyd. He asked us to give him a call the next day to confirm.

We stopped for lunch at Louis Delights, also known as Sophie’s, since Sophie runs the place. One of the guys at the counter did a disappearing quarter trick for Cecelia that had all of us pretty amazed.

After lunch, I quickly went to the market for milk and bread, while Cecelia and Patrick filled up our jerry cans with water, and then we all headed back to the boat for a little while.

Later that afternoon we met up with a few other boats on shore for a walk over to the Cathedral Caves, which we’d seen back in December but were happy to revisit.

We all enjoyed some drinks at Wild Orchid and headed back to our own boats for dinner and sunset.

The next day, I went to the laundromat on my own first thing in the morning. No line! Hooray. A crazy thunderstorm came through while I was there, and it turned pitch black outside. Thankfully, the power stayed on and the laundry got washed. After the rain stopped, I walked to the other grocery store, Hall’s, to check it out. The roads were pretty wet.

This week, Cecelia also decided to start hiding her bunny stuffies all around the boat for us to find. Patrick and I were laughing laugh every time a bunny popped out of a cabinet. This bunny (coincidentally named Bunny) would like a fork for her carrots.

That night we enjoyed those stone crab claws for dinner (well, Patrick and I did. Cecelia still turns her nose up at all seafood.)

Maybe not the most adventurous or picturesque couple of days…but it’s part of boat life here in the Bahamas.

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