Green Turtle Club and No Name Cay

On Sunday the 12th, we moved from our anchorage outside Green Turtle Cay to the inside of White Sound, and tied up at a dock at the Green Turtle Club. Some high winds were predicted for the coming week, so we decided to just hang out for the week, explore the island, and enjoy power and internet with abandon. Tom and Chris also snagged rooms at the club, so they were able to get off the boat and have their own space for a few days, after a couple of weeks living aboard with us.

The boys all went diving after we got to GTC, and they had a blast. They went with Brendal’s Dive Center, both times with Brendal’s son Kyle. Kyle apparently has a friendly pet grouper at the dive spot they went to. They all got to hang out with and pet (no kidding) the grouper! They said they saw tons of sharks, fish, and other sea life.

That afternoon we met up with the guys after their dive, and Kyle took us on a boat over to No Name Cay to see the swimming pigs!

The pigs were friendly, but did bite if you weren’t careful. Cecelia got her finger nipped, but she shrugged it off.

We left No Name Cay and stopped at a sandbar off Gilliam Point, where the water was crystal blue and the sand was totally white. It’s supposed to be a good spot to find sand dollars, but we came up empty on that front. It was still gorgeous. A fun way to wrap up the day as the sun started to set.

Sunset on the way back to Green Turtle Club was lovely!

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  1. The Bahamas are so cool! I wish I were there with you, your family, and the piggies. Best wishes from over here in Jersey City!

  2. I went to the Bahamas once but never went swimming with the pigs. I’ve always wanted to! The piggies look so cute but I can imagine they can be snappy.
    Have fun and good luck!!

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