Governor’s Harbour

On December 7th, we raised anchor at 11:45. Boy, was the depth thin as we left the spot where we had anchored the boat! We exited the bay through the cliff cut again, and raised the sails right away.

As we raised the sails, there were dolphins jumping beside the boat, but they disappeared before I could get any pictures. They appear out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly!

It looked like we’d be enjoying flat water, breeze of 10-14 knots out of the NE, at 60 degrees apparent, so an upwind sail, but a really nice one. We headed southeast toward Governor’s Harbour.

When we arrived at Governor’s Harbour, we anchored basically right on top of where the charts said “poor holding”, ha! We have found that we need to decide for ourselves what is poor holding and what is not, as often we’ve been able to secure the anchor easily in places where people have complained it’s difficult to set the anchor.) We spotted our Danish friends on Aquila anchored nearby as well.

We went to shore for a walk.

We really didn’t do much else that day, as we had all day the next day to explore and get some errands done.

The next morning, Cecelia stayed on the boat while Patrick and I went to shore to check out the coffee shop, pick some things up from the grocery store, and get our propane tank refilled. We ran into the Danes at the coffee shop and caught up with them a little bit. Then back at the boat, Cecelia and I had school, while Patrick went fishing nearby. He didn’t catch anything, but that was okay, because we had planned to go to the fish fry on shore for dinner!

Sunset is before dinnertime these days…

The fish fry is only on Fridays, and you get your choice of a fish plate, pork plate, or chicken plate. Patrick and I went for the fish (of course!) while Cecelia chose chicken.

The DJ was mixing some sweet beats while we were there, and had a lot of fun dance tunes going. Then they decided to have a limbo contest. We’re happy to say Cecelia not only joined in, but she won the limbo contest! Pretty exciting stuff…it made her night (and ours!)

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