Errand day in Marsh Harbour

We had planned to get some mundane things done while we were in Marsh Harbour, since it is one of the bigger towns in the Abacos. On the list were laundry, grocery shopping, and procurement of eSims for our phones. The marina had laundry machines on site; tokens were $5 each and you needed one for the washer and one for the dryer. However, the day we arrived, the heat for the dryers was not working (nor was the hot water in the very nice but very cold showers, which we all discovered once we were already in said showers). It turned out their propane delivery hadn’t happened on time. Thankfully, the delivery was made the following morning and we were able to get laundry done and also get actual hot showers later in the day.

We walked around a bit to see some of the town, which was a mix of brand new rebuilds post-Hurricane Dorian (2019), and crumbling or leveled buildings that hadn’t yet been rebuilt. It was pretty sobering to see so much damage still remaining.

We eventually took about a 25 minute walk to the grocery store (Maxwell’s). We found everything we could want there, and prices weren’t as terrible as we had been led to believe, except for on certain things, like fresh produce and bags of chips. It will be interesting to see what the prices are like on other islands.

We grabbed lunch at another nearby restaurant called Snappas. It was not as local as Colors, but it had good burgers, which for some reason we were all craving, so that worked out just fine. This painkiller wasn’t bad either. Looks like Cecelia and Tom were having fun playing cards while we waited for food.

The marina had a fun little swimming pool where Cecelia basically spent 95% of her time while we were at the dock. Tom and Chris both indulged her with lots of pool games and company, too.

Patrick and I took another long walk into town later in the day to get eSims for our phones, so we could have local cell phone service for calls, texts, and maps when we’re not on the boat using Starlink or on other wifi where we can find it. The folks at BTC had us all set up in no time.

We decided to have a little barbeque on shore for dinner, which I somehow managed to get no pictures of, but it was a pretty nice setup. We’ve definitely managed to stay well fed and well hydrated on this trip so far!

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