Beach days and homecoming in Rock Sound

As we waited for the right breeze to show up to take us to our next destination, we continued to enjoy Rock Sound, and even got to spend some time with some friends who arrived from the Exumas, hooray! Rock Sound also had its Homecoming festival during this week (daily/nightly parties on shore at a site on the beach), so we all went up one night to the Homecoming site to have some food and check things out. Here’s a bunch of photos from those days.

I went to the grocery store one morning, and when I was back at the dock waiting for Patrick to come pick me up, I spotted thousands of little fish swirling around in the shallows. It was pretty cool.

Patrick and Cecelia took a dinghy ride to see what the beaches were like on the other side of the anchorage and if there was any fishing to be had….didn’t seem like it.

Sometimes the boat can feel nice and cozy in the evening.

We put up a window decoration for Easter, and Cecelia’s friend Prestley came over to hang out for an afternoon.

On one of the days, we decided to all walk across the island to the Atlantic side beach together (Alpenglo, Buffalo V, and us).

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