Anchoring at Soap Point

On the morning of the 22nd in Hope Town, our neighbor Christian, who had been docked next to us in Green Turtle, brought a conch over for us! He and his boat mates had gone diving for them and thought we might like one.

It was quite the process getting into the conch shell and detaching the conch itself, but once it was free, Patrick cleaned it, sliced it up and put it in a container with some lime juice and red onion to make a bit of conch ceviche….and it was delicious!

I had heard that Vernon, the owner of Vernon’s Grocery, baked every day, so I headed to shore to see what baked goods were on offer, and snagged a loaf of coconut bread and some apple turnovers. (I didn’t get a picture of Vernon, but he must be 80 if he’s a day, and he was wearing this awesome yellow t-shirt that said “I’m a ray of sunshine” with a giant manta ray printed on it. He might be my new favorite person.) If you visit Hope Town, I’d recommend you stop in!

We had a great time in Hope Town, but it was time to get moving again. We dropped the mooring just before high tide so we could safely scoot out of the Hope Town harbor, and then headed south toward an anchorage called Soap Point on Tilloo Cay.

We had just enough time to get there and drop the anchor before sunset. The days are short right now!

The next morning (Happy Thanksgiving!), the shallow shelf near our anchorage was glowing bright with the sunrise.

We decided to go check out the beach and see what we could find.

There was a little setup on shore with a grill, chairs, hammocks, all sorts of stuff!

Thanksgiving morning on the beach might be a good new tradition…

6 Replies to “Anchoring at Soap Point”

  1. Melisa, great to see the updates and the beautiful photos.
    Wish I was still with you guys.
    Say hi to Cecilia for me and thanks for the dvd for the ski house.

    Had a great day skiing at Stratton today. It was well covered and fairly warm.
    Unfortunately expecting rain this weekend. Ughhh

    1. Tom, we miss you and the rest of the ski house folks too! Cecelia has been making a ton of origami pieces, so that book you got her is being put to excellent use. πŸ™‚ Hope things are holding up at Stratton – from what I’ve seen it looks like y’all have had some good snow!

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