Three more days in Thompson Bay

We’d explored much of Long Island by car, but we still decided to stick around the Thompson Bay / Salt Pond area for a few more days. We got caught up on school on the 13th and enjoyed some downtime after two very busy days. Moonrise that night was quite spectacular!

January 14th was “get ahead on school” day, since we knew we’d be moving again soon and it’s always good to get ahead when we know there will be a day or two where we won’t have time for school. Cecelia completed the first three days of the following week’s work in several subjects before I was even out of bed. How’s that for motivation?! It was a pretty day out, too, one where you are glad to just enjoy being on the water.

Later in the day, we met up with Pyrat Soul, 3 Lil Birds, and Miss Roxy at Tiny’s for sundowners.

We headed over to 3 Lil Birds for movie night after dinner. It was a hot day/evening, and they had their airco cranked up. The kids all went down below to watch movies, and the adults hung out in the cockpit. (Next time maybe we’d put the kids in the cockpit and we’d stay down below in the air conditioning!) Patrick managed to misjudge the step from the transom to our dinghy when we were getting ready to leave, and wound up going for a brief swim. Oops! Good thing I had his phone in my bag! And no photo evidence, of course. πŸ™‚

On the morning of the 15th, Patrick dropped me at the dinghy dock so I could go shopping for some groceries and also drop off trash. He dinghied over to the fuel station to get water and fuel, and then came back to pick me up. The timing worked out great! I took a few pictures so you could see what the walk to the market is like.

Hillside Market is our favorite market so far in the Exumas. They magically somehow had not only our favorite brand AND roast of coffee (Lavazza Perfetto–which is hard to find even in the States!) but also my favorite peanut butter (Skippy Natural Creamy). I was so excited I did a little happy dance in the aisle. We haven’t seen either of those things in many months! We’d be heading north to Calabash Bay the next day, so I loaded up on those and a few other staples, then headed back to the dock to await my ride back to the boat.

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