Running from the storm

As we spent time in Newport, we were also keeping an eye on the weather and the developing hurricane in the Atlantic. We were planning to head a little further north in Narragansett Bay to hide out from the northerly blow that looked like it might be coming our way. As the week went on, however, the forecast started looking even worse for the Newport area, and we quickly contemplated a few options to get further west: 1) head up the Connecticut River to Essex, 2) head to Pilots Point (where we kept the boat for the winter, in Westbrook CT), or 3) do an overnight back to Rye, NY, and AYC (where our boat’s usual mooring is located). Option 3 won out as we looked at the predicted bands of wind and rain–it seemed better to just go as far west as we could.

On Wednesday the 13th, Chris came by in the morning to dive on the boat with Patrick; they changed the zincs and scrubbed the bottom. After a quick lunch in town at Pour Judgement, we packed everything up and got underway to Rye. Not without a bit of a hiccup, though; it had rained during lunch and we had accidentally left Cecelia’s outboard portlight open in her cabin. There were a lot of wet things in there that needed to dry out. Oops.

It was grey and kind of rainy and the conditions were super lumpy until we got around the corner at Point Judith. After that, we had excellent sailing for most of the night.

Sunrise under sail is a great feeling!

And I had some company.

We arrived in Rye just before 10 am, tied up to the dock to clean up the boat and refill water and fuel, and then went out and got settled on our mooring. That afternoon, Cecelia got to meet up with some of her friends for a tennis lesson at the club, which was a treat.

Facetime with grandparents and an early bedtime wrapped up the day!

We felt good to be secure on our mooring in Rye, and ready to wait out the storm before heading south.

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