Prepping for our big adventure

T-minus 3-ish months until we shove off for a year afloat! It’s crazy to think we are <thisclose> to doing the thing we’ve been thinking about for so long.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in March (in between work and school days and ski weekends):

  1. Melissa’s job wrapped up on March 15. Yay, funemployment! Stepping off the treadmill sure is weird, but it’s also pretty amazing. She’s been spending a lot of time making lists and spreadsheets of things we need to do between now and our departure, researching insurance policies (medical and otherwise), sorting out homeschool plans, and working on setting up this blog!
  2. Patrick has been checking in on progress with some boat work on Oestara at the yard in CT, and also sorting out a slip in Jersey City that will be Oestara‘s home in May & June.
  3. Cecelia is planning her cabin’s layout and slowly getting used to the idea that not everything from home will be moved to the boat.

We are wrapping up ski season in the next couple of weeks and we’re looking forward to visiting the boat in CT and getting her ready to splash for the spring.

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