On to Big Major

After those days of winds and rain, we were ready to move on yet again. We got up early the morning of the 23rd to sail down to Big Major and meet back up with 3 Lil Birds, who had headed that way the day before.

It was a pretty speedy sail, and took us a little less than 3 hours to go about 20 miles.

I managed to feed my right index finger into the infeed for the winch when we were raising the main, which was both scary and painful, but I seem to have avoided the worst outcomes and just really bruised it hard (and it did take me almost five years to make that happen, so I guess that’s pretty good?) I grabbed one of our popsicle molds we use to make big ice cubes for drinks, and stuck my finger in it.

We arrived at Big Major just before 10 am, and it was looking very pretty!

We anchored a bit behind 3 Lil Birds, and Patrick decided to go snorkeling with them, while Cecelia and I stayed on the boat. Later that afternoon, we all met up with them on a nearby beach, and did some snorkeling around the point to the north of that beach. We saw a giant stingray sleeping in the sand below us, a couple of turtles, and tons of different and brightly colored fish. Patrick even picked up a few conch to make into salad the next day.

We decided to head back, clean up, and meet 3 Lil Birds at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for drinks.

Sunset followed us there.

We all marveled at the number of nurse sharks under the docks at SCYC! You can get in and swim with them if you dare…

We tried to walk into town to a seafood place for dinner, but it unfortunately appeared to be closed…so we wound up having dinner back at the yacht club, which was tasty.

Moonrise was a nice one, and sundown, too.

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    1. What a lovely post and amazing captivating pictures! Sorry about the finger, but glad to see you had ice cube holders to come to the rescue haha 😂 the only thing this post was missing to be prefect was a picture of my girl, Cece! Can’t wait to see where you end up next !

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