Offshore – heading to Charleston, day 2

Still motoring, but enjoying a nice “elevator up” push from the Gulf Stream overnight and at dawn on the 25th. You can see below our boat speed (7.8) vs our speed over ground (9.3) which indicates a good push from the current. We had the jib out as well, with a little west wind coming our way. We’ll take it!

We kept at it, riding the Gulf Stream north and calculating our time to destination as the day went on. But soon we were interrupted by some fish on!

That mahi was a beauty, and would make a delicious dinner, soothing our souls, which were tired of listening to the motor.

As dusk fell, fish #2 came to see us – but this time it wasn’t a keeper. A false albacore! Back over the side he went.

And just when we were about to reel in the lines, another fish! This time Nate did the honors, and it was a nice wahoo. Sadly, we didn’t keep this one either – it was getting too dark to clean it, and there wasn’t enough room in the fridge anyway after our mahi score earlier!

We continued to motor in the dark and arrived in Charleston Harbor around 11:30 pm. Home sweet USA! We tied up to the outside face dock at Carolina Yacht Club and turned in to get some rest.*

*This would turn out to be a not-so-great decision, but we did attempt to head inside when we arrived, since we were planning to stay there for a day or two, however, the current was pushing us around too much to dock safely without extra hands. We decided we’d tie up outside, get up around 6 am when the current changed, and move to the inside then. Best laid plans…)

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