More Cat Island exploration, and Melissa’s birthday!

We shared a rental car with Ragged Dragon on January 22 to explore more of Cat Island. Senora and Pelican piled into another car, and we took off to see what we could find. We went to a couple of markets and a bank, and then drove north until we reached Arthur’s Town (Sidney Poitier’s hometown, fun fact!). Patrick suggested we try to get to the ocean side of the island by driving around the back side of the airport. Why not?

We made it there eventually. It was a windy day so the beach had a fresh breeze for sure.

It was pretty, as we have found almost all the beaches to be.

Back in the car, we bounced and rattled our way back from the beach. We ran into some big pigs, too, before finally making it back to the one main road on the island and heading south again.

There honestly wasn’t all that much else to see as we drove along. We were planning to have lunch at Fernandez Bay, back near where we started our day, but after our off-road adventures, we got back to their restaurant too late for lunch. Oops. We found another restaurant on the way home and managed to feed ourselves, albeit a bit late.

Oestara was glad to see us again, when we arrived back at New Bight.

The next day, the 23rd, was my birthday! Cecelia made me a sweet card and gifted me some shell earrings that she made herself. What a special treat! Patrick went to return the rental car and swung by the bakery in a nearby town to pick up some coconut and pineapple pastries for me as well. Yum. Forgot to get photos of those before they were gone. πŸ™‚

It was also a beautiful day, which was lovely.

Cecelia and I decided we would attempt to make cupcakes to celebrate, as I hadn’t made my traditional dark chocolate birthday cupcakes for Patrick back in November, since we were en route to Charleston at the time. Seemed like being at anchor might make it a little easier to manage! It all worked out pretty well despite having to wing a lot of the measurements. We invited several other boats over (including Carosy, our friends Carole and Hugh, who we hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving!) for a cupcake celebration that afternoon. I wore my new shell earrings, too.

I also heard from so many family and friends, and everybody made my Bahamas boat birthday really awesome. Thanks, y’all!

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