Final days in George Town

We had a few more days left to enjoy of the Regatta and George Town before we were planning to start heading north again.

First up was another successful sailboat race on March 2; this one was for the kiddos! Adeline, Cecelia, and Prestley had worked as a team to construct their own little sailboat, and they had a great showing, winning the monohull class.

We spent more time hanging out with friends (and cats) at Chat & Chill, of course.

The Regatta committee held a movie night for the kids over at a resort called Kahari; the original plan had been to play it off the back of one of the boats, which would have been pretty cool, but the winds were too high. The resort had a nice view of the anchorage, as seen in the featured photo for this post.

Neal and Brooke, the co-chairs for the kid activities, put together a slide show with footage from all the kid events, which was really lovely! Unfortunately the sound system wasn’t being very cooperative, so we decided to bail out on the evening just as the movie was getting started. We had our own movie night on Oestara instead, complete with stovetop Jiffy Pop popcorn. Cecelia chose the movie…I’ll let you guess what it was.

On the 4th, they held a final ice cream social for the kids and raffled off prizes (every time a kid participated in something during Regatta, their name went into the raffle). Cecelia won a gift certificate to the Straw Market in town, so we made plans to shop for a souvenir there the following day.

We also said our goodbyes to a lot of the friends we had met, knowing we would be going separate ways in a day or two. Many of them are headed south to the Caribbean, and down to Grenada for hurricane season. We look forward to following their further adventures!

Cecelia went to have a sleepover on African Dream that night, so mom and dad decided to go out in town to Eddie’s Edgewater, where they had Bahamian food and live music on Monday nights!

The skies decided to open up in a serious way while we were in town, and we had to wait around for a lull in the downpour so as not to get totally soaked on the way home! We got soaked anyway, as the sea state was stirred up, so instead of a freshwater downpour, we got lots of saltwater splashed on us as we headed back to Oestara.

On March 5th we made a final trip to town for groceries and to spend Cecelia’s raffle gift certificate.

One final sunset in George Town before we point the bow north!

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