Checking out Marblehead

After we arrived in Marblehead on the morning of the 22nd, we did what you always do after a passage: eat something and take a nap. Then we had enough energy to head to shore and check out Eastern Yacht Club.

In addition to launch service, a beautiful clubhouse, and lovely views (see featured photo for this post!), they also had an excellent pool, and Cecelia wasted no time getting in.

After cooling off, we headed back to the boat for an early dinner with the promise of a dinghy ride into town to find ice cream. (One can only go so many days without ice cream, I’m told.)

We found cotton candy ice cream at Scoop, and our kiddo was as happy as could be. Plus it matched her shirt.

Sunset was a pretty one.

On the 23rd, Patrick had some boat projects he wanted to start work on, so Cecelia and I made an excellent decision and headed back to the pool. We arrived just as they were announcing adult swim only for an hour, so it became mostly poolside lounging, but we got a quick swim in after the pool opened to all ages again.

After pool time and some showers, my friend Kirsten swung by and picked us up. We went to her house to do laundry (yay!) and catch up on computer stuff. Kirsten and I interned together at The Kennedy Center many moons ago, and we both lived in NYC for a number of years after college. It’s been a long time since we have been in the same room together, so it was really lovely to see her and catch up. We also enjoyed meeting her adorable pup, Fezz, and later that day, her husband Ben.

After the work and laundry was done, we walked to the neighborhood dock and beach for more fetch. What a great spot!

All of us met up at Maggie’s Sail Loft for dinner and drinks (watch out for that Marblehead pour!), and we even remembered to get a few photos of the girls together before calling it a night. (I promise Patrick and Ben were also there and had fun, too!)

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