Checking out Charleston

With Oestara happily tied up at the dock at Carolina YC on Saturday afternoon, we had Sunday to enjoy some of the fun Charleston had to offer. Though this wasn’t the way we’d planned to cross to the Bahamas (we’d planned to do it all in one passage without a stop!), it sure felt nice to have a little down time to break up the passage.

The gang all decided to get brunch on Sunday morning, and we found ourselves at Poogan’s Porch, where the food was totally scrumptious.

We had a bit of a wander around town as well. There is pretty architecture and scenery around every corner in Charleston.

After we all took an Uber to a fishing gear store (because of course we had to stock up on lines and lures to catch more fish!) and made a quick stop at a food market, Cecelia and I headed over to the Ewings’ to do some laundry and catch up with Sara, Walker, and Jay. The kids all got on swimmingly, clearly! Cecelia looks forward to staying in touch with Walker about unicorns in particular. (Thanks again for the hospitality, Ewings!)

Back to the boat for a good night’s sleep, knowing we’ll depart at dawn tomorrow for the Abacos!

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    1. Yes, we did! Fall is a beautiful time of year for Charleston, for sure. Weather is doing its thing. We had some high winds blow through here in the Abacos a couple of days ago and spent most of those days in the boat at the dock, checking on lines and whatnot. Comes with the territory!

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