Atlantic Highlands for a couple of days

The next day dawned sunny and calm with white puffy clouds everywhere. Our first order of business was to send Patrick up the rig to install a new windex (the arrow that shows our wind direction) at the top. (Our previous windex had disappeared off the top of our mast on our rather sporty trip from Maine to Marblehead.)

Donna stopped by to say hello and drop off some snacks (thanks Donna!)

We met up with our friends Adrian and Jen for dinner, and Cecelia had fun with WikiStix before the food came.

The next morning was Monday the 18th, when we had planned to finally head south along the NJ coast, up into Delaware Bay, and through the C&D Canal to the Chesapeake, but unlike the day before, the weather was pretty awful. It was windy and rainy, and it just looked like no fun. So we bagged it and decided to wait another day to leave. This is the nice thing about having no fixed schedule!

Cecelia asked to be taught how to make french toast, and Patrick obliged.

We mostly just hung around on the boat for the day, and went up to shore for dinner just to have something to do off the boat. The weather started to chill out around dinnertime, and the forecast for the next day looked a lot better. That was good, because we all felt pretty ready to get moving the next day and to finally make our way into the Chesapeake!

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    1. Hi Aunt Pam! Patrick wears a climbing harness, to which he clips our main halyard (and he also uses another line, our topping lift, as a safety). I send him up using an electric winch, then lower him slowly down when he’s done with whatever he’s up there for.

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