And then there were three

After our amazing crew mates left, Patrick, Cecelia, and I settled back into how things are on the boat with just the three of us. The weather was less than fabulous for a couple of days, so we were glad to be tied up at the dock with movies to watch and blog posts to catch up on.

You can’t tell how hard the wind is blowing in the photo below, but I sure thought that our courtesy flag was going to shred itself. We saw high 20s and low 30s sustained for most of the 16th.

We did manage to get a break in the weather on the 17th and we headed back to Ocean Beach to see what the conditions were like again. It was still way too rough to snorkel the reef nearby, so we just enjoyed the views.

We tried to find turtles at Coco Beach again, but no luck. The visibility was great, though, so we waded around and chased fish in the shallows.

On the 18th the weather was back to not-so-great again, so we spent the day getting the boat ready to leave, had a last celebratory drink at the bar, and enjoyed the anticipation of getting Oestara on the move again the next day.

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  1. Looking breezy and beautiful. Love the Oestara card hanging proudly from the rafters. Hope for more sunny days ahead.

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